Yes yes, I know...  The News page here has become a lonely sad place.  In all honesty, I would love to keep this current, but due to the hand-made nature of the website, it takes a long time to code even a simple news post.  Time for a new website?  Indeed it is.  No ETA yet, but it is coming - For real!

     This spot will unfortunately likely remain outdated for the rest of it's existance.  As a man wearing 30 hats, the "Webmaster" hat must suffer such a fate.  For now at least.  To keep up to date, the best options are the Spaceman e-mail list (join up below to your left) and Facebook (if you're into that sorta thing).  I do, in fact, keep folks current via these methods.  Twitter too, yes.

      What have we been up to?  Why, lots and lots of pedals of course!  The Saturn V, The WOW Signal and today I present to you the Sputnik fuzz!  Don't like fuzz?  Never fear, we have so many awesome things in the works that we can hardly contain it!


      Wow, it's been nearly a year since my last news post.  It sure was a busy year!  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for any info that you may have missed.

     We had an awesome 2012 NAMM show last month, got to see old friends and made a few new ones too!  On display we had our newest pedal, the Aphelion Harmonic Overdrive, the Gemini III: Dual Fuzz Generator and a sneak peek at the Spaceman Moon Base (more info to come on that one).

      Speaking of the Gemini III, our first runs were sold out by the xmastime (though there are a couple still out there with our dealers).  Premier Guitar just ran a killer Gemini III review in their February print issue, which is also online.  Between this and everyone having such a great time with the demo at NAMM this year, we decided to make a few more!  Using such hard to find parts, we were able to find just enough to make 65 more Gemini III's.  There are 50 available in Black powdercoat currently on the Gemini III page for pre-order, and 15 were commissioned by Rudy's Music NYC in a Blue Powdercoat with Blue indicator.  Both models will be shipping at the end of the month!

      We're very excited about the latest Spaceman pedal, the Aphelion Harmonic Overdrive.  Have you checked out the videos for this one yet?  It was sure a hit at NAMM this year and Premier Guitar just released an amazing Aphelion review online as well!  The Black Edition is now sold out, we only have 8 Silver Sparkle Editions left and then we're down to the standard Unfinished Edition (same great Aphelion taste, just different in looks).  Don't pass this one up!

      We've added some awesome new dealers since last time I wrote.  Check out: Cowtown Guitars, Fat Sound Guitars, Fat Tone Guitars, La Souris Plate, Powerhouse Music and Quality Guitar .  Looking for an out of production Spaceman release?  Check through the dealers page, as there may be an undiscovered rarity hiding out there!

      We just added a special one-of-a-kind Mercury III: Harmonic Boost to eBay today, a custom Silver Sparkle powdercoat with prototype faceplate, clear vintage aerospace indicator with white LED. Check it out HERE.


      We're overdue for a news update!  Not to say that there hasn't been a lot going on.  Between Facebook, Twitter and the Email List, the ole' website news page is getting less love lately.

      What's new?  Well, the Gemini III has been out fuzzing people up across the globe lately.  There have been a few great Gemini III videos posted recently, check them out HERE.  A friendly Gemini III was also just posted this week over at the Effects Database.

      New pedal coming this month!!  It's been top secret at the SpaceLab for awhile now, but we're nearly ready to release info on it.  We are very excited about this one and think you'll really enjoy it too.  Just the final details now...  There are actually many projects on the breadboard(s) now, gearing up for a busy year of pedal madness :-)

      Also in the works, drumroll please... A new website!  We've been working on a site that will be much more user friendly and enjoyable.  This is also exciting, as we've grown out of this little gem.  It's just around the corner...

      We've added a couple cool new dealers to the list in the past few months.  Check out: MusicToyz and The Mad Ape.  The Mercury III and Spacerocket are quickly becoming extinct.  Check through the dealers page to pick up the very last of these wonderful machines while you still can!

      A huge thank you to all of you who support the Spaceman quest for creating the most unique, highest-quality, truly handmade pedals the world has known.  Much more to come, we're just getting warmed up!


      In response to the disasters in Japan, we have created two very special pedals for donation to the relief efforts.  We have them both up on eBay now, with 100% of the winning bids to be donated directly to Mercy Corps.

      Check out these two one-of-a-kind versions of the Mercury III and Spacerocket.  Here is a great way to make a generous positive impact for those in desperate need.



      Lot's going on at the Space Lab lately, which has been the case most all year now - but maybe even more-so now than ever.

      New reviews on both the Spacerocket and Mercury III were posted today by "What's That Dude Play?" a great effects-centric blog site, check them out!

      We've added a few more dealers to our Dealer List - Go have a look-see.

     Hmmm, what else? Oh, Spaceman will be at the NAMM Show this January - Sharing booth #2797 with Normandy Guitars.  We're super excited to be a part of the show this year!

     Have a great Holiday time if I don't talk to you before then!

     Peace, Love, Rock and Roll ~


      Greetings fellow space travelers,

      It's been busy times at the top-secret space lab lately.  We're working on the next pedal as I type.  The goal is for a release in the next 4-5 weeks, so stay tuned-in for details as they come!

     We've just rolled out Spaceman gift certificates!  What better gift for a guitarist than space-cash towards a Spaceman Limited Edition pedal?.

     We've been asked, does the Mercury III work well on bass guitar?  Most definitely yes, we designed it for bass as well!  It really shines on bass amps with a tube pre-amp



      Spacerocket building is keeping us busy and there aren't many left.  We're working on a few other new products to be introduced this year, which is exciting of course...

      T-shirts are in tomorrow.  We did a limited run with this shirt color, which we won't do again.  Order yours before they're gone!

     We thrive on customer feedback, let us and others know what you think about your Spaceman pedal, submit a User Review.

     Thanks for checking in,


            It's been awhile since we last spoke - The Spacerocket has needed a lot of attention!  Pre-orders have been shipping since the end of August and we're almost caught up.  New Spacerocket orders are taking about 10 days to ship.

      A big Thanks to all who placed Spacerocket pre-orders, the Blue edition is now sold out!  

     I just updated the Spacerocket page with new photos of the final design (with added Tone control) - Check it out.

     We've been wanting to make Spaceman t-shirts for a long time - We're finally making a limited run!  T-shirt and design info here.  Pre-orders start today!


      Happy Friday the 13th... Spooky...

      Tokyo was a blast and we added a new dealer, Rock Inn in Shinjuku, for all of you in Tokyo!  During the trip I tested out the Spacerocket on a few different setups and recieved some great feedback.  The consensus was that a Tone control would be spectacular...

      So the last minute decision was made to add a Tone control and move the Fuzz control to a three position toggle switch!  The toggle was dialed in with the 3 "sweet spots" on the dial.  The Tone control obviously adds more control and versatility.  This change has added a week to our original ship date, but I think it's definitely worth it! 

     A special thanks to everyone who made the Tokyo trip possible and so much fun!  It was so great to meet you all :-)


      Greetings from Tokyo!  Taking a little break from effects building to visit the ever awesome Japan.  I have 4 Spacerocket prototypes and a few Mercury III's along for the ride - So if you're in the Tokyo area and want to make some noise this week, send an e-mail!

      Speaking of the Spacerocket - Have you checked it out?   It's an intermodulation style fuzz, capable of some space-out fuzz-tones!  Spacerocket pre-orders are off to a great start - The Blue editions are going quick, don't miss out!  Thanks to everyone who've placed their pre-order so far.  Orders will begin shipping August 15th.

     Until next time...


      As you know, the Mercury III comes with some goodies: A silver "space suit" protective bag; a sticker; and a special 1" button.  The makers of that button gave a shout-out to Spaceman today on their blog - check them out here: Busy Beaver Buttons

      Thanks to everyone who jumped at the opportunity to share their Spaceman experience on the new User Reviews page!!

      More Fuzz coming soon....


      Outside, the Portland air is warm and the sun has finally made an appearance after months and months of seemingly endless rain.  However, here in the underground top-secret Spaceman laboratory, it is quite cool & comfortable.

      The test equipment is on overload as we dial in the next two Spaceman releases, which are just around the corner!

      As for the Mercury III, it's long pre-order stint has come to a close.  Orders placed now will ship within 3 days!  The Copper Edition is now sold out and the White Edition is nearing the end - The time is now if you're thinking about a NASA Indicator version!

      We just made many improvements to the Spaceman Web Portal, including a bunch of photos and finally a couple Mercury III videos!  We also have a video of our own, plus a few audio clips coming soon.

      New to the site is the User Reviews page - If you feel like sharing your Spaceman experience with the world, now you can!  (and please do!).


      Samples?  Where are my samples?!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel - they are coming soon!

      We're working our way down the Mercury III pre-order list and etching away at the four-week lead time, we're now at two weeks!  If you want to skip the wait, our friends at Analogue Haven just received a box of Mercury III's!

      Thinking about a super-limited Copper Edition Mercury III?  Well, we're down to just one left!!

      The Museum of Making Music in California is presenting the "Art of the Stompbox" exhibit, June 1 - Sept 30.   On display are two one-of-a-kind Spaceman pedals, a White Rumblefuzz and a Polished Copper Mercury III.  Looks to be an awesome exhibit - check it out if you're in the area!


      Well, as you can tell - I have not had the chance to make audio samples for the Mercury III yet!

      Orders are still coming in, so all my time has been devoted to making these as fast as I can - and for the Mercury III, that's not too fast :-)  The good news is that Spaceman will soon be a small team!  This will help our release schedule speed up, and help eliminate long production times.

      We're excited to welcome StompThatBox.com to our list of Dealers!   You may remember the Rumblefuzz video they made, now they have an online store!   They have a case of Mercury III: Silver Edition in stock NOW - Eliminate the wait-time and get Free Shipping!


      It's been super busy here at the Spaceman underground secret laboratory!

      Due to an overwhelming response to the Mercury III Pre-Order, I am holding off on posting audio clips and additional photos until I get these out the door.   Shipments will begin at the end of the week, so I hope to be able to take a break to record audio clips in the next week or two!!

      I know a lot of you are waiting for more info on the Mercury III and I appologize for the delay!   Soon my friends, soon :-)


      ...and we have liftoff!!  Mercury III Pre-Orders have begun!!

      The Mercury III - Germanium Harmonic Boost is now open for Pre-Orders!   If you're looking to grab one of the Copper or White Editions (complete with NASA surplus indicators!) or just a special number, now is your chance to get in ahead of the rest!

      More information is now available on the Mercury III, but new photos and audio clips are still in the works.   They will be added this week as they materialize.   I know I promised them today - but as a one-man show, there's just not enough time in a day!


      Happy New Year!!  I hope all your Holiday times were wonderful!

      I've been locked in the Laboratory for many moons, sorting out the first few releases of 2010!   Much experimenting (along with a bit of associated deafness), brings us to the next release: Mercury III - Germanium Harmonic Boost!   Info is now up on the products page, along with a few sneak-peek photos.

      I'm going to take this week to wrap up the last minute details, crunch some numbers, take new photos and hopefully get some sound-bytes up.   Pre-Orders will be available for the first time with this one, starting next Monday.   So if there's a special number you're looking for, or you really dig one of the Super-Limited versions, this will be a good chance to be first in line!

      Oh, and click HERE for a new owner submitted Rumblefuzz video!


      Hello from the Spaceman Laboratory!  I apologize for the lack of updates - It's been a busy time here, lot's of experiments and noise-making!

      The next release is going to be the first Spaceman Boost - but of course, it won't be just ANY boost...

      Unfortunately, I must make you wait just a bit longer for the details - but just a couple of weeks...  Photos, samples, etc etc are anxiously waiting to present themselves!!  Lot's of fun things in the works!!


      It's been crazy here at the Spaceman Laboratory the past month!

      The Rumblefuzz is now Sold Out!!  Check out the Dealers page to grab that last few still out there...

      I want to welcome Analogue Haven and Prymaxe Vintage Guitars to our list of dealers, check them out!

Next Release: Info will be posted very soon on the next release...  I'm SUPER excited about it - Stay tuned!!


      I added a new Rumblefuzz video demo to the site.  It represents yet another take on what you can do with a Rumblefuzz: Click Here!!

      This video was made by ToneFactor.com.   Check them out, they are offering a sweet deal on the Rumblefuzz right now!!


      Howdy!  Check out this awesome Video Review of the Rumblefuzz from StompThatBox.com: Click Here!!

      We've reached the halfway point on the Rumblefuzz, only 24 left as of today!  We're still working on getting them into a few more retailers before they're all gone - get yours before it's too late!!


     It's been a busy month!  We've been working hard on the next release(s) as well as keeping up with Rumblefuzz orders.

     There have been a couple kind reviews by new Rumblefuzz owners, you can find them on the links page.  There you will also find the current list of Oregon retail locations, where you can try out and purchase the Rumblefuzz pedal.

     If there is a shop in your area where you would like to see the Rumblefuzz, please let us (and them) know!  We hope to have more information available on the next release(s) by the end of the month, so stick around!


     It's official, we're all out of the Blue Rumblefuzz!!  Thanks to all who picked those up!  We still have plenty of Silver Rumblefuzz left and are working on getting them into more local shops, plus a few online stores as well.

     I will be heading through Salem and Eugene Oregon, partly for the Cherry City Music Festival and partly to get the Rumblefuzz into a few shops down there, look out for them on Saturday!

     Centaur Guitar is now stocking the Rumblefuzz, go hear one for yourself!


    It's been a busy week!  Number 4 is the last BLUE Rumblefuzz left!  I think i'll keep it on hand for a web order.  Number 3 sold this week at Old Town, so I dropped off a nice Silver number 9 to replace it... Trade Up NE has number 8 - stop in and check one out!

     I'm working on a little site update this morning, then off to build more Rumblefuzzezz.  The next releases are looking like a Boost and an Overdrive, but I don't know which first - what do you think?  Other cool stuff in the works!!


    The site is bit more exciting now, with added audio clips and Rumblefuzz info.  You can also place orders online now, using a credit card through PayPal's secure site!  I still want to get the warranty info up on the site for the Rumblefuzz, I hope to get that up in the next day or two.

     Rumblefuzz number 3 is being dropped off at Old Town Music today, this one has bit higher gain than the silver versions (but with the same magical tone) and is one of the last 3 blue versions left!  Go check it out in person and plug it in!


    Well, it's 3.18.09 in the AM and i'm a little behind on the web side of things!  I will have some more information up soon and orders will be placeable today!

     No stores have a copy yet, but I will be dropping at least one off somewhere today.  Currently as a one-man operation, there's just not enough time in a day!  Oh yeah, I made some audio samples this week - they will be up here and at the Mypace page this afternoon as well!!


    Welcome to Spacemaneffects.com v1.0 - it will be under construction for awhile, as information trickles in...  Yes, today is Friday the 13th, maybe I chose the wrong day to go live?  I'll make sure not to walk under any ladders today.  

    I have been working away on the Rumblefuzz, the first Spaceman release.  They look and sound amazing, and definitely worth the several hours of work put into each one!  I completed two Rumblefuzz pedals yesterday and they were sold immediately!  So I am going to make next Wednesday the first day of making them available online, so I can have a few days to make a handful more to have on hand.

    I will be dropping a few off at stores around Portland next week, and will post them as I get them out there.


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