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Model: Aphelion
Submitted By: Benito
Rio de Janeiro
      With this pedal has no competitors.  Strength and harmony together as the sea!

Model: Aphelion
Submitted By: Pete Jonas
Pete Jonas Music
Orange County, Ca
      After hearing this pedal at the NAMM show this year, I had to own one.

      I ordered one, plugged it in, and received a tone with such depth and such purity that was unlike an other boost, overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedal I owned.  Not only can it give your tone a little dirt and mean grit, but, because it is so harmonically rich, really opens up your instrument and opens its headroom through the roof.

      Not only does the pedal sound great, it is breathtakingly beautiful.  From its simple aesthetic, extra-terrestrial-esque cosmetics, to the customized breadboard inside.

      This pedal is a must have for anyone looking for a little clean boost or roaring overdrive - or as in my case, both.  All I can say is thank you to Zak and Spaceman for building such a beautiful pedal with such brilliant craftsmanship and detail.

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