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Model: Gemini III
Submitted By: AV
Chef Menteur
New Orleans
      Totally love the Gemini III - the germanium overdrive is great for Space Oddity-esque solos...

Model: Gemini III
Submitted By: Fuzz Box Girl
      Firstly, I think the design of this pedal is one of the coolest I have ever seen.

      Secondly, I have played many fuzz pedals and this one has to be one of the most tweakable I have ever had the pleasure of plugging up.  There are so many possibilities here that you may feel intimidated but believe me, there isn't that big of a learning curve needed here...  Just give her a few extra minutes of your time and she will be crunching away for you.  Even the smallest turn on the Tone/Filter knob or the Ge/Si control will give you a completely different sound.  And the best thing to me is that the Germanium side truly crunches the way that it should and the Silicon side smoothes out just as it should.  ...and even better, you can blend the Silicon and Germanium.

     I actually found myself falling in love with the volume clean up on this pedal.  You can get some odd kind of fuzzy undertones with the cleanup, depending on where you set it, that sounds like the fuzz is angrily sitting behind your signal.  I also found that I liked the Silicon cleanup on some settings better than some of the Germanium cleanup tones.... but that may just be me :-)

      All in all, I feel that this pedal is just simply amazing...  Design, tone, it has it in spades...  I definitely want to give a home to more Spaceman effects pedals in the future.

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