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Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Mason Stoops
ZZ Ward/Hollywood Records
Orange County, CA
      Easily one of the best (if not THE best) boost pedals out there.  The Mercury III totally raises the bar on what a boost pedal should, and could be.

      It's the first boost pedal I've ever heard that not only pushes your sound, but enhances it (many thanks to the "Harmonics" knob for that).  So not only does my guitar's natural tone stay clear when I turn on the Mercury III, it sounds even richer and stronger - freakin' unbelievable!

      This pedal to me is nothing short of magic and I know full-heartedly I won't be buying another boost pedal ever again with the intentions of out-performing the Mercury III.  I just can't say enough good things about it!  I honestly believe this pedal (if not all of Spaceman's pedals) is going to be considered one of the "holy grails" of the effects pedal world.  In my opinion, it already is!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Sean Romin
The Generators / The Woolly Bandits / Decry
Pasadena, Ca
      I would like to start off by saying I am extremely picky about my tone and don't normally review the tools of my trade.  I had to break my silence because of how incredible this pedal sounds.

      I use very little effects.  Just a mild overdrive and a boost to bring my guitar out of the mix at certain times.  I normally play a Telecaster through either a VOX AC-30 or my trusty 66 blackface Fender Bassman.  I have tried many many boost pedals as well as Overdrives.  Even ones I have built myself.  With boost pedals my tone always ends up suffering and getting muddy.

      I don't know how Zak has managed to make a boost sound so clear and articulate yet REALLY boost the volume up without unwanted mud and noise.  He has done it!  The tone remains articulate at all times and adds very little noise to the chain.

      In addition Zak is a very nice guy and easy to talk to.  Anything he claims about his products are true and correct.  If anything, he downplays how great this stuff really is.  If you look inside the pedal you will see nothing but true love of the art of what he builds.  I will be using this pedal on all my upcoming tour dates and albums.  Thanks Zak!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Kona
      The Mercury III is a very unique and sonically pleasing pedal.  It will expand your tone harmonically while retaining the clarity of the fundamental sound and boosting the signal.  This is a perfect companion for a tube amp because it helps you hear more of what you are already doing as it drives the tube into blissful overdrive.

      If I slowly increase the effect while playing, I notice how good everything sounds, but I can't quite pin down what the effect is doing.  Then, when I turn it off, the original seemingly pale signal is there and I can hear how amazing this pedal really is.

      The things that I love about this effect are:  Meticulous hand-made quality, transparent boosting, harmonic enrichment and true bypass.  Killer pedal Zak!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Chris M.
Salt Lake City, UT
      I cannot sing enough praises about the Spaceman Effects pedals I just purchased...  Both are inspiring me to play a lot, and to be much more exploratory in my playing.

      The Spacerocket Fuzz is otherworldly fuzzy, and the Mercury III Harmonic Boost is replete with note-enhancing nuances and boosty goodness.

      LOVE these pedals.  I'm amazed at the chaos of the Spacerocket.  The Mercury III adds wonderful sonic depth to my playing, whether it's the only thing pushing my tubes or if it's boosting other effects in my line-up.  The pedals sound great independently, and phenomenal together.

      OUTSTANDING pedals, and refreshingly handmade.  Kudos on your attention to detail, and thank you for making limited and hand-made effects. I'm looking forward to your future releases.

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Jeff G.
      I love my M3!  It is great on its own as any sort of boost and it stacks well with other gain pedals, really making them pop.  I've used other boosts in the past and all of them are left in the dust in comparison to this.

      Not to mention this thing is LOUD!  Where some boost max out at 10, that is the M3 on about 3 or 4.  HUGE!

      From what we've seen of Spaceman thus far, he seems to ensure that everything he builds is incredibly versatile.  There are no one trick ponies here.  I can't wait for the next release!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Brandon Madrid
New Mexico/Oregon/Colorado
      I have been playing Zvex Supers, Maxon 808/820 and Fulltone fat boost for years.  And Now the Mercury III takes place of all three pedals.  I love this pedal.  It's so dynamic and the diverse boost options make it a must for anyone that loves overdriven boost style pedals.

      I know it's called a Boost pedal but it's really the best of two worlds: Super clean boost; then turn it up and you get a over driver monster!

      My pedal board has not been the same since the Mercury III has been added.  I truly love this pedal!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Jake
Tulsa, OK
      I pre-ordered the Mercury III a while back because I had finally found a tonally flexible and intuitive boost pedal.  I love it!

      It has a huge amount of boost, 6 tonal variations, and even a knob to add in some harmonics.  Even though it sounds like a dummy knob, and on most pedals would be, the Harmonics knob works wonders and adds this certain touch to your tone that is inexplicable.

      I use it at the end of my chain, but it would work well at the beginning too.  It has earned a permanent place on my pedalboard, which is saying a lot if you knew my pedal history.  Did I mention I couldn't break it if I tried?  Seriously sturdy construction for the roadies out there.

      I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a flexible boost pedal, the best flexible boost pedal, for that matter...  Thanks Zak!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Martin Reid
      I've been using my Mercury III for some time now and the honeymoons over.  The Mercury III remains a staple component of my pedalboard.  It excels in it's prime role as a boost for clean and light to mid overdriven tones.

      It ranges from a lovely clean boost to a tube amp overdriver, not over the top but to that point of smooth breakup.  The harmonics control to my ear is more a treble enhancer than anything.  Not so much a boost, more enhancement.

      The killer feature for me more than anything is the six position tone control.  It acts as a great tone control in the traditional sense, but the unexpected value is the compensation it provides for some of my guitars that tend to be either too dark or bright.

      It also brings out the best of my Rumblefuzz.  My Les Paul into the Mercury III, with the Tone set to 2 or 3 and then into the Rumblefuzz, produces a sound that will punch through walls.


Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Matt
      I picked up a Mercury III pedal.  This is hands down the most versatile and most dynamic boost pedal I've ever owned.  I've owned the MXR boost, Xotic EP Booster, Fulltone Fat Boost, Seymour Duncan pickup booster, the list goes on and on.  The Mercury III puts those to shame.

      The pedal adds a nice sparkle to your sound, without changing your tone.  If anything, I'd say it enhances your tone.  Almost like a blanket being lifted off your amp.  It makes your sound much richer in tone; more complex.  You can dial it in to be a very slight clean boost or a full on overdrive/fuzz and of course, everything in between.

      Solid build, great pedal.  Highly recommended.  Good job Spaceman!

Model: Mercury III
Submitted By: Jason Dexter
      Best boost/drive I have ever played!  Perfect balance of simplicity and sonic control.

      The pedal kicks in at the perfect place in the gain structure for tube amps!  The harmonic content knob is brilliant - allowing for blending the boost ever so smoothly up into the drive range.

      I am a serious student of the transition from clean to overdrive in EL34's - i love the early to mid break up patterns of this tube.  This pedal allows me to quickly compare various subtle differences in the tube response between such parameters as frequency curve hitting the tube and total harmonic richness of the signal hitting the tube that were not nearly as clear before.

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