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Model: Rumblefuzz
Submitted By: Jeff G.
      The Rumblefuzz will be my go-to gain until the day I die.  It is incredibly versatile ranging anywhere from a truly incredible light gain overdrive to an over the top fuzz to satisfy most everyones needs with flying colors.

      If I could find another one, I would probably buy it.  It also stacks well with other pedals and cleans up very well with the volume knob.

      I highly recommend it over anything Skreddy, Tone Czar, or any other high end sort of boutique brand.

Model: Rumblefuzz
Submitted By: Patrick
      The Rumble Fuzz is one of the most versatile dirt pedals that I own.  Despite its name it covers some very nice overdrive tones as well.  It doesn't have a sweet spot like so many other pedals but works equally well on all settings.

      The RF is very transparent and never becomes muddy.  Even with "Bite" and "Rumble" maxed out the string seperation is unreal.

      My only gripe is that I don't own one of the 5 blue ones but only got a regular model.  A blue one would have been a perfect mate for my limited Mercury III.

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