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Model: Spacerocket
Submitted By: Mason Stoops
ZZ Ward/Hollywood Records
Orange County, CA
      Wasn't expecting it, but this fuzz quickly became my absolute favorite fuzz ever!

      In a world where every pedal builder strives to build the fuzz you've never heard before, the Spacerocket is the first I've ever heard to be truly unlike anything else out there.  Better yet, even at its most mind-blowing/earth-shaking settings (yes, LITERALLY earth-shaking) it still completely retains its dynamics and musicality - something I've never found any other fuzz pedal to be capable of.

      I don't know how Spaceman does it, all I know is this is one incredible piece of machinery that will be my "secret weapon" in the studio for the rest of my days.  If you haven't heard one yet, I cannot tell you how sincerely you are missing out.  It's seriously THAT good.  Thank you Spaceman for doing fuzz right!  If only others were more like you.

Model: Spacerocket
Submitted By: Keith Gerr
      Killer fuzz.

      Totally digging the modulating goodness upon sustaining chords and octavia-ness within lead bends.  Nice old school warmth and plenty of bottom-end.  It cuts through with humbuckers and single-coils.

      The best pedals inspire me to play/improvise more and the Spacerocket does that for me.

Model: Spacerocket
Submitted By: Matt Iddings
      The Spaceman Spacerocket Fuzz Pedal is a perfect reproduction of the famous 60's guitar sounds ala Satisfaction (Stones), Over Under Sideways Down (Yardbirds-Jeff Beck) and Purple Haze (Hendrix).

      It is quieter than the old Roger Mayer pedal (Octavia) and certainly more touch sensitive.  The build quality is stellar, rugged and durable.

      The instantly recognizable faceplate with touch sensitive light in the flame of the rocket ship really makes it one of a kind.

Model: Spacerocket
Submitted By: Martin Reid
      Zak's done it again, the Spacerocket is a fuzz that sure enough has the ability to go crazy and spit at you but it cleans up nicely into a smooth fuzz or as I call it, "Fuzzdrive".

      A boost on either side determines what you get from this beast - boost before the Spacerocket, it spits (in a nice way).  After it, and you get a glorious fuzz that can be cleaned up into the smooth fuzzdrive I spoke of before.

      The 3 position fuzz switch gives nice, usable voicings to the pedal.

      Thanks Zak :-)

Model: Spacerocket
Submitted By: Chris M.
Salt Lake City, UT
      I cannot sing enough praises about the Spaceman Effects pedals I just purchased...  Both are inspiring me to play a lot, and to be much more exploratory in my playing.

      The Spacerocket Fuzz is otherworldly fuzzy, and the Mercury III Harmonic Boost is replete with note-enhancing nuances and boosty goodness.

      LOVE these pedals.  I'm amazed at the chaos of the Spacerocket.  The Mercury III adds wonderful sonic depth to my playing, whether it's the only thing pushing my tubes or if it's boosting other effects in my line-up.  The pedals sound great independently, and phenomenal together.

      OUTSTANDING pedals, and refreshingly handmade.  Kudos on your attention to detail, and thank you for making limited and hand-made effects. I'm looking forward to your future releases.

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