The warmest, fattest fuzz on the planet has just landed.  Designed to work with lower frequencies, the Rumblefuzz provides a fat fuzz-stortion, with enough bite to cut through the mix.

      The controls provide a wide range from light overdrive tones to earth-shaking sonic mayhem. The toggle switch adds in a NOS germanium diode, for a different tonal shade.  Sounds great with guitar, baritone, bass, synth and more!

      Whether you're looking to add some warm dirt to your tone, or an all-out sonic fuzz-scape, the Rumblefuzz will achieve it - and with no compromise to your guitar tone.

      Handmade in Portland Oregon, each pedal is built for tone and built to last.  The Rumblefuzz uses only the finest components, including: High quality circuit boards; Switchcraft jacks; Cliff footswitches; and Military-Spec wiring.  It's housed in a die-cast aluminum enclosure and topped with a durable engraved faceplate.

      Numbers 1-5 are finished with a durable Blue powdercoat, have Blue LED "eyes" and are Spaceman serial numbers 00001-00005.  Numbers 6-50 are unfinished, with Red LED's.

      All Spaceman pedals are numbered on the nameplate and in addition, each pedal is signed and numbered on the inside.  Both Rumblefuzz pedals come with a silk-screened pouch; stickers; silk-screened information & warranty cards; plus other little goodies.


                             AUDIO SAMPLES

P90 Bridge, Med Gain, High Rumble wav   mp3
P90 Bridge, Full Gain, Full Rumble wav   mp3
Strat Bridge, Light Gain, Med Rumble wav   mp3

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