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Soar through the sonic scenery as evolving rhythms throb and pulse like stars flickering across the cosmos. The Delta II is an inspired small form factor optical harmonic tremolo with extensive tone shaping, rhythmic capabilities, and smooth organic tone. Craft harmonic and traditional tremolo sounds that stagger, hop, buzz, ripple, and swirl with unparalleled variety using a brilliantly simple LFO interface. Combined with the Delta II’s unique voices, this makes for great swirling, phasey tones with endless rhythmic possibilities.


Bathe your tone in the iridescent glow of primordial bliss, while waves of smooth sonic neon sweep you into another realm of inspiration. The Aurora is an analog BBD flanger featuring an unparalleled level of custom waveform animation with a hypnotic and lustrous tone. Thoughtful control options make it easy to achieve a variety of flange, vibratro, lush chorus, phase, and filtery spatial effects, all primed for stretching or collapsing the acoustic vortex. Plug into Aurora and slip into the ephemeral night.


Polaris is a dynamic medium-gain resonant overdrive, with incredibly flexible tone-shaping capabilities. Its 2-pole resonant filter is fully controllable via expression pedal for filter sweeps and out-of-this-world overdrive tones. Designed to help you explore the outer-limits of harmonic overdrive, Polaris’s drive control goes from just a touch of harmonics to full-tilt, live-wire overdrive on the brink of distortion, while staying reactive to your instrument and dynamics for an experience that can be described as interdimensional.


The Sputnik III is a unique all-germanium fuzz featuring vintage Soviet transistors. Offering an uncommonly wide range of fuzz tones, it truly runs the gamut: smooth, gritty, vintage, modern, thick, thin, buzzy, bassy, splatty, sputtery, noisy, velcro-ripping, controlled or completely off-the-rails. Astonishingly responsive and versatile, the Sputnik III is ready to transport you into a universe of grit, chaos and corruption!