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The Ixion is an optical photocell compressor with an ultra-wide tonal palette, comprehensive controls, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. You get parallel compression, a dedicated sidechain input jack with numerous options, discrete FET transistors for harmonically rich make-up gain, a treble-centric tone control, and the ability to accept up to 18V for higher headroom. Regardless of your configuration, the Ixion always offers the fattest, juiciest tone with a warm, vintage appeal and is perfect for guitar, bass or your tabletop setup.


The Redstone is a multipurpose reimagining of our Mercury platform, designed to be your sonic swiss army knife. It's a flexible preamp with a 3-band tone stack powered by a vintage NOS germanium transistor. The gain cell functions as a boost, a line-driver, or an overdrive. The tone controls are suitable for tailoring just the right response for nearly any situation. The discrete opamp design gives you an extremely unique harmonic profile with a distinct 3D character. Redstone is a stable and pervasive companion on your ventures across the cosmos of sound.


The Explorer is an optical six stage analog phaser, lovingly handcrafted with our hyper detailed approach to usability, and tone. Named after the first satellite put into orbit by the United States in 1958, the Explorer was the first phaser launched by Spaceman. Years later, we are pleased to bring you a small form factor reissue of this classic circuit with all the deluxe features of the original. Sometimes liquidy smooth, sometimes chewy and lush, the fluid frequencies squiggle and flourish like the unrelenting ebb and flow of the sonic tide.


Soar through the sonic scenery as evolving rhythms throb and pulse like stars flickering across the cosmos. The Delta II is an inspired small form factor optical harmonic tremolo with extensive tone shaping, rhythmic capabilities, and smooth organic tone. Craft harmonic and traditional tremolo sounds that stagger, hop, buzz, ripple, and swirl with unparalleled variety using a brilliantly simple LFO interface. Combined with the Delta II’s unique voices, this makes for great swirling, phasey tones with endless rhythmic possibilities.