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December 11, 2017 2 min read

We are so very excited to share our new site with you! There are a lot of very cool things going on here at now.  You may have noticed a "Log In" menu button.  Go ahead, create an account!  Everything is secure with our certified secure server, so your information is safe.  On your My Account page, you can add your billing and shipping address, as well as keep them updated.  You can view your order history with orders placed from here forward.  Clicking the "Product Registration" side-bar, is where you will now register your future warranties.  We are in the near future hoping to add-in any valid warranty registrations that you've already placed, so once you've created an online account we will be able to match your current warranties with your e-mail address. Another cool aspect about having an account with a registered warranty, is that you can then leave reviews and comments on pedals!  Share your thoughts, settings that inspire you, or a link to music you created with a Spaceman pedal. When it comes to new releases, we now have an established countdown system for new releases, the Launch Pad.  We're testing it out today with the release of the Silver Edition Explorer Deluxe at 12:00 PST on 12/12 :)  When the countdown ends, a link will automatically appear for the new pedal - no more "refresh madness"! Check this out: Check Out - we've heard you, and we've done something about it.  Now, when you add a pedal to your shopping cart, it is extracted from inventory for you - giving you a whole 6 minutes to complete your transaction, before the pedal is up for grabs again.  So, now it's all about that first click adding to your cart - then you can relax a bit while you enter your information to check out. With all of these new tools, we will be able to do a lot more things that the old site held us back from.  Soon, we will be adding more accessories to the store, which we are excited to offer.  You may notice some small changes over the next few weeks as we get everything dialed-in and learn the ropes. Please please let us know if you experience any errors, or have any issues with the site.  We think we've fixed all them all, but if you find a bug, please send us a message through the Contact page.

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