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Spaceman creates unique electronic musical effects. Each unit is completely hand-soldered and handcrafted at our small shop in Portland Oregon.

Our effects are built in small batches, because we like variety and so should you! We also release special limited editions to let our creativity run wild. Copper plated editions; triple-plated “show chrome” editions; vintage knobs; NASA indicators; and vintage parts from aerospace surplus around the world can be found on our effects.

We make pedals for the love of bringing inspiring pieces of sonic art, to the world of musicians to create with. Spaceman is a team of musicians, artists and creators. We make more than just products, we make art to inspire art.

Every Spaceman pedal is crafted by hand. We don’t cut corners or spare details. Each solder point, carefully placed component, and meticulously detailed wire is intently created with care. We believe there is a magic in this process that is unattainable by mass-produced effects.

As much as we strive for perfection in our builds, we take it even further with tone and functionality. While tone is certainly subjective, we have incredibly high standards for sonic quality. With backgrounds in audio engineering, production and performance, our attention to audio detail is noteworthy. We also believe in intuitive and unique control options for our effects, for an inspiring experience every time you plug in.

Your Creative Journey

Spaceman creates exceptional equipment for discerning sonic explorers. Every piece of equipment that our hands create, test, box up and send to you is treated as if it were headed out on our pedalboard, for the most important performance of our lives in a far away galaxy. From the eccentric and hard driving explorer to the introspective dabbler, to the motivated beginner…Spaceman is here to accompany you on the next step of your creative journey with our two different lines of equipment.

Limited Line

A celebration of the art of small batch pedal building. Hand-hammered number tags punctuate the strictly limited nature and detailed attention to aesthetics, component selection and packaging. Our Limited Editions are the deepest expression of our creativity and highest ideals.

Standard Line

Hand-built, incorporating contemporary manufacturing techniques. Rugged metal enclosures, our signature engraved faceplate and the distinctive Spaceman aesthetic. Standard Editions are the most accessible way to experience our exceptional equipment.