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Spaceman creates unique electronic musical effects. Each unit is built by hand at our small shop in Portland, Oregon. We make pedals for the love of bringing inspiring pieces of sonic art, to the world of musicians to create with. Spaceman is a team of musicians, artists and creators. We create more than just products; we create inspiration machines.

We strive for both originality and a high level of quality in all we do. Spaceman circuits and tones are unique, not clones or copies. Here you will find effects that inspire you to play differently, sometimes interacting like instruments unto themselves. While tone is certainly subjective, we have incredibly high standards for sonic quality. With backgrounds in audio engineering, production and performance, our attention to audio detail is noteworthy. We also believe in intuitive and unique control options for our effects, for an inspiring experience every time you plug in.

Part of the Spaceman experience is our quality of construction. Whether a Standard or Limited Edition, every pedal we make is built to a high level of physical quality, for a lifetime of reliability. So much so, that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Spaceman pedals.

Founded in 2009, Spaceman began by offering only strictly limited, artisan-level effects pedals crafted entirely by hand. In order to share our unique circuits with a wider audience of musicians, you can now experience Spaceman in two different ways: Standard Edition or Limited Edition.

Sputnik III Standard

Standard Line

Hand-built, incorporating contemporary manufacturing techniques. Rugged metal enclosures, our signature engraved faceplate and the distinctive Spaceman aesthetic. Standard Editions are the most accessible way to experience our exceptional equipment.

Gemini IV Limited

Limited Line

A celebration of the art of small batch pedal building. Hand-hammered number tags punctuate the strictly limited nature and detailed attention to aesthetics, component selection and packaging. Our Limited Editions are the deepest expression of our creativity and highest ideals.