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The Charon is a germanium/silicon hybrid fuzz w an extremely wide tonal range, and simple controls for instant gratification. Traverse from a crunchy overdrive to distorted bloom to total signal destruction. Inspired by classic circuits, The Charon gives you smoldering tones, shimmering harmonics, crunchy characteristics with dynamic attack, swirling overtones that flicker like waves of merciless flames, and heavy, beating intermodulation that cuts through the mix. Immerse yourself in Charon and experience an infinite journey of sonic discovery.


The Meridian is designed to reward your continuous experimentation, prioritizing ease of use at every level of its deep featureset. It features an analog short delay circuit with the legendary MN3007 bucket brigade chip. The Meridian's high-quality/ lowest noise signal path features pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, companding, and anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters to give you a wispy, warping, flowing Time Modulator. Plug into Meridian and travel through the quantum singularity into another dimension.

The Ixion is an optical photocell compressor with an ultra-wide tonal palette, comprehensive controls, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. You get parallel compression, a dedicated sidechain input jack with numerous options, discrete FET transistors for harmonically rich make-up gain, a treble-centric tone control, and the ability to accept up to 18V for higher headroom. Regardless of your configuration, the Ixion always offers the fattest, juiciest tone with a warm, vintage appeal and is perfect for guitar, bass or your tabletop setup.

The Delta II is a powerful optical harmonic tremolo with extensive tone shaping and rhythmic capabilities. The novel LFO enables its pilot to craft harmonic, and traditional tremolo sounds that stagger, hop, buzz, ripple, and swirl with unparalleled variety using a brilliantly simple interface. Soar through the sonic scenery as evolving rhythms throb and pulse through your consciousness like stars flickering across the cosmos.