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The Sputnik III is the latest evolution in our legendary germanium fuzz series. It inherits its predecessors' vintage character while providing several upgrades. The Sputnik III's infamous Drift functionality radically transforms the sound, offering infinite shades of corruption and unpredictability. Its smooth and warm disposition of low gain sounds contrasts perfectly with the biting grit and sustain of high gain settings. The highly interactive, dynamic, and versatile nature of the Sputnik III will constantly reward you on your sonic explorations.
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The Apollo VII is a flexible and intuitive medium gain overdrive pedal, a stand alone effect lifted from the overdrive of our popular Voyager tremolo. The unconventional gain staging and multiple clipping diode options offer a unique sound and versatility compared to other overdrives. Relative to our Saturn VI, the Apollo VII has more gain, grit, distinct compression and saturation due to the opamp design and clipping diode selection. The Apollo excels at articulate crunch, with a tight percussive attack. A perfect complementary pedal that stacks wonderfully with boosts and fuzzes.
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Excelling as an always-on device, the Saturn VI adds a beautiful tube-like dynamic response, and smooth low-end heft. As gain rises, complex harmonic sheen accompanies the cutting presence perfect for driving your amp into overdrive. The character of the Saturn VI can further be tailored with the tone control providing vintage and smooth, to bright and articulate sounds. The perfect compliment to any rig, large or small, the Saturn VI provides excellent utility for any musical situation.
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The Gemini IV is a thick and epic fuzz featuring two parallel circuits. The true magic of the Gemini IV comes as you blend each fuzz together. Each circuit has independent gain and tone controls to cover a wide range situations. The germanium core is lush and exotic, capable of grit and harmonic dissonance at lower gains, whereas higher gains introduce a spit and crackle that bring an exciting dimension to your tone. Discover new textures as you paint complex multi-layered soundscapes! View the product page >