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Meridian: Analog Modulator

The Meridian is a versatile, analog modulation juggernaut. Not just an out-of-this-world analog chorus, it’s also: a flanger, vibrato, double-tracker, rotary speaker emulator and everything in-between. Warm, lush tones flow from the legendary MN3007 bucket brigade device (BBD) at its heart, offering a timeless vintage character that epitomizes the Spaceman ethos. For users tired of noisy, brittle modulation pedals, the Meridian offers a clear and articulate tone while providing tons of the analog warmth BBDs are known for.




The Meridian is a versatile, analog modulation juggernaut. At the core of the Meridian is a flexible 1024-stage bucket brigade delay line. With a range of 0.8ms to 50ms, it’s possible to produce a variety of liquid chorus tones, as well as true pitch-shifting vibrato, wispy phasing, shimmering flange, static comb filtering, double-tracking and more. We carefully designed the Meridian to have the highest sound quality, lowest noise signal path possible – and you’ll notice. For users tired of noisy, brittle modulation pedals, the Meridian offers a clear and articulate tone while providing tons of the analog warmth BBDs are known for.

The LFO section consists of three waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, and Flux. The Flux wave is a wobbly, uneven derivation of the triangle wave with unpredictable skips and jumps. When used subtly it can impart a beautiful “alive” feeling to the modulation.

Turn the WIDTH control to minimum and the LFO is stopped. You can now directly sweep the delay line with the RATE and TIME controls, to achieve static comb filtering (short delay times); or a double-tracking, pseudo slapback effect (moderate to high delay times). Expression and CV control is possible using the EXP jack. An internal slide switch selects either the RATE or WIDTH parameters to control. This is especially fun when in Comb Filter mode.

The Meridian includes other unique and often overlooked controls, allowing you to dial in a detailed sound that works in virtually any setup; be it guitar, synth, harp, bass, or drum machine. The LEVEL control sets your desired output volume. MIX sweeps from full dry to full wet, giving you additional control over the intensity of effect. REGEN adds depth and dimension and is essential when creating flanger and phaser sounds. It also produces the metallic clank of comb filtering at short delay times, and drippy rhythmic grind at longer delay times.

The Meridian is our most flexible, and sophisticated modulation effect to date, and will instantly whisk you through the quantum singularity into another dimension.

  • All analog signal path
  • High headroom MN3007 bucket brigade delay IC
  • 0.8ms-50ms delay time
  • Ultra-low-noise design
  • Wide range LFO with Sine, Triangle, and Flux waveshapes
  • LFO speed 0.12Hz (8 seconds) to 15Hz (65ms)
  • Easily dial in chorusing, vibrato, flanging, double tracking and more
  • CV/EXP options for controlling Rate, Width, or Delay Time
  • Mix control for fully wet or dry tones, and a dedicated Level control

Hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon, the Meridian features true-bypass relay switching with a soft-touch footswitch. On top of the cast-aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light. This pedal is built to last a lifetime, both on Earth or in the vacuum of space.

from Command Central

SETTINGS from Command Central

Warm Chorus

Bread and butter chorus with a warm vintage feel.


Moderate speed pitch vibrato, move the delay time around to taste.

Phasey Leslie

Shimmering pulsations of silvery undulation.

Slow Flange

Smooth as silk, slick as ice.

Seasick Bunnyhop

A subtle stagger, just below the surface.

The Dali Drip

A Psychedelic liquid corruption.


For extra fun plug in an Expression pedal and sweep the delay time (internal EXP switch downwards)



3.68 inches / 93.5 mm


4.73 inches / 120 mm


2.25 inches / 57 mm


14.6 ounces

Input Resistance:

1 Meg Ohm

Bypass Current Draw:


Engaged Current Draw:


EXP / Control Voltage:

0-5V DC TRS Jack - Over / Reverse voltage protected

Input Voltage:

9V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack